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    “The best Commissary Kitchens are more than a place for production. They give you the necessary space to nurture your business through community and collaboration. They take your blinders off and prepare you for real growth. ”

    Are you looking for a clean, organized kitchen to increase your production capabilities and help bring your business to the next level? Look no further! Sessions Kitchen is a licensed commercial kitchen in Carlsbad CA. We exist to help take your food service business to the next level.

    Our Facilities are conducive to business owners of all sizes, restaurant R+D, private chefs, food cart vendors, farmers market vendors, retail production, wholesale production and everyone in between. We are a production focused kitchen developed and designed to help your business grow.

    Envision a commissary kitchen that supports you! Not only do we provide the workspace, licensing and certifications you need to sustainably operate your business but, our owners truly care about your personal and professional success. In addition to our production facilities we offer consulting and an optional mentorship program. We can help you navigate your business's future with tension and precision.

    We partner with committed and passionate business owners to build long lasting relationships. We offer short term and long term options to suit every kind of hospitality professional. Sessions Kitchen is here to support you through your journey with an efficient, clean and well cared for facility. Let’s build a business together!

    24 Hour Access Commercial Kitchen

    Special Event Production
    Serving Southern California

    Kitchen Consultation


    Most production kitchens exist for one reason…production space. Sessions Kitchen is a little different, we actually care about the success and growth of your business. If you outgrow our space and move to something larger or more permanent, then we have done our job in supporting you. Community and Collaboration is the backbone of our industry, we exist solely to support you!



    Induction Cooktops, Low Temp Commercial Oven, Convection Oven, Rack Oven, Commercial Grinder, Hobart Mixer 20 Qt, Vertical Cutter/Mixer Food Processor, Food Mixer, Food Slicer, Vacuum Sealer, Prep Tables, Hotel Pans, All Cookware and Smallwares, Steam Oven, Robocoup, Commercial Grade Blender

    Meetthe Chef

    Through his travel, military background and decades as a hospitality business owner, Chef Romeo Villarreal values community and collaboration more than anything. He understands how important it is for business owners to lean on others throughout those first few years of operations. Sessions Kitchen was built to give you the freedom to produce without limitations and to leverage the experience of other business owners alike.

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